Why ADHDers Can’t ALWAYS Procrastinate #shorts #adhd

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Here are some of our videos relating to how to study that also explains some of the process of memory encoding!


— Transcription —

[Note: this video is primarily spoken dialogue with occasional displayed text matching what Jess says. Most visual elements are not described at this time.]

Jess speaking:
Do you procrastinate? Of course you do.

We all procrastinate sometimes. And those with ADHD can sometimes procrastinate a little more often, and, that can be fine, as long as it’s mindful.

If you’re going to procrastinate, procrastinate mindfully.

But there are some things you cannot procrastinate on and still have it turn out well.

One of those is studying. Our brains need time to consolidate the information that we’ve learned into long-term storage.

And they need practice recalling that information from long-term storage and then putting it back into long-term storage.

So, it takes time, it takes several nights. It’s a lot more effective to study for 10 minutes a night before you go to bed, for a week, than it is to study for 3 hours the night before a test.

Also, if you happen to be staying up late to study, skipping sleep can affect memory recall.

So, at that point, if you haven’t studied yet, you might as well sleep.

[end of video]

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