What is TOXIC POSITIVITY & why always trying to stay positive during difficult times increases pain

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WHAT IS TOXIC POSITIVITY? This video discusses psychological the concept of “toxic positivity” and how it differs from the beneficial practice of optimism. It is the the false belief that no matter how difficult or challenging a situation is in reality, that a falsely positive facade should be shown. This harmful habit causes suffering, the denial of real emotions and experiences, and feelings of invalidation and depression. It can prolong the recovery from trauma and trigger anxiety. This video explains how to recognize it, and why it is important to address all your feelings, even those that are negative. I hope you find it both interesting and helpful!

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✧ Nena Lavonne is a certified life coach, author, and motivational speaker with a background in developmental and personality psychology who specializes in self development. Nothing brings her more happiness than helping others lead more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling lives. Nena also has a weekly podcast called “Pathways To Happiness” which is available on multiple platforms.

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