Tools to Enhance Working Memory & Attention


In this episode, I discuss working memory, which is critical for learning and productivity, strategy setting, goal seeking, and navigating new environments. I explain the key role of dopamine and the biological mechanisms underlying working memory and how working memory differs from both short- and long-term memory.

I also describe science-supported tools to enhance working memory and attention—including zero- or low-cost behavioral, supplemental and pharmacologic approaches. I include how to assess your working memory and how to use memory tasks to determine your baseline dopamine levels in certain brain circuits.

This episode provides listeners with highly actionable tools to assess and improve their attention to specific tasks and task-switching capacity and to enhance their overall productivity.

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00:00:00 Working Memory
00:01:12 Sponsors: Mateina, BetterHelp & Helix Sleep
00:05:00 Short- vs. Long-Term Memory
00:09:59 Neuroplasticity
00:15:42 Working Memory; Attention & Focus
00:20:04 Working Memory Test
00:25:35 Sponsor: AG1
00:27:02 Brain & Working Memory; Dopamine
00:36:13 Working Memory Capacity Test
00:44:37 Increasing Dopamine & Working Memory
00:49:26 Task Switching, Distractions
00:54:42 Sponsor: LMNT
00:56:04 Tool: Yoga Nidra, Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) & Dopamine
01:03:08 Tool: Deliberate Cold Exposure & Dopamine
01:11:02 Tool: Working Memory & Binaural Beats
01:15:23 Supplements to Increase Dopamine: L-Tyrosine, Mucuna Pruriens
01:22:53 Dopamine Prescriptions, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
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