Separation Anxiety Disorder (Psychiatry) – USMLE Step 1

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Mad Medicine was started to talk about many aspects of medicine, from medical school and premed, to nursing, PA, NP and much, much more. On our channel, we sit down and talk about relevant medical topics, issues that many medical professionals are facing, ways to be successful through your education and career, and (again) much, much more.

We started this channel as medical students in medical school in order to help premeds get into the medical schools of their choice. Whether you want to got to medical school in Harvard, or to a local medical school, we try to provide you with the best video content that will help you achieve your goal. Our medical school trips to become a medical student have to pertain to questions such as, “Do you need research for medical school?”, “Is Clinical Experience required for medical school” and much much more. Along with medical school tips and tricks, we also plan to provide you guys with videos that have to do with medical school requirements, medical school rankings, how to be a medical student, as well as fun (yet informative) sessions. Who knows, maybe we will even do medical school and medical student vlogs one day!

We are always looking for ways to grow our channel so if you ever have any ideas or want us to talk about specific topics, or heck, even if you have a guest you want us to talk to, leave a comment below! Thank you for the support!


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