Real Life ADHD: A DVD Survival Guide for Children and Teens Preview

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We are happy to announce the new DVD Real Life ADHD. It is designed for teens, preteens and young adults. This video contains advice on living with ADHD and ADD during teenage years, from 30 young people ranging from 12 up to 21.. These young people share their personal experiences and offer advice on six ADHD problems. Dr. Mandelkorn, a Seattle physician, shares his experiences with ADHD and the lessons he learned from treating ADHD patients. Sixteen teens from the group are featured in our companion guide A Bird’s Eye View of Life with ADHD and ADD: Kati, Kati and Katie. Erik, Kyle and Nathan. These young people offer advice on a variety of topics: 10 Key scientific facts about ADHD and Inattention, Disorganization, Forgetfulness, Impulsivity, Hyperactivity, ADHD medication and critical educational resources for teens and children with ADD/ADHD. Two adults with ADHD host the DVD: Alex, his high school friend Lewis Alston, an Atlanta Radio DJ/VJ. Alex is also the videographer, editor and producer of the video.

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