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PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY / The 6 Facets of Neuroticism from the 5 Factor Model NEO PI-R Explained: The five-factor model of personality in psychology is a model of an individual’s personality that divides it into five traits that include extraversion, neuroticism, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. Neuroticism can be described as the trait disposition to experience negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, fear, self‐consciousness, irritability, frustration, envy, guilt, or depression. This trait exists on a continuum between extreme neuroticism and extreme emotional stability. The neuroticism sub-scale includes six facets: anxiety, angry-hostility, depression, self-consciousness, impulsiveness, and vulnerability. In this video, we will discuss these six facets of neuroticism and how they may affect our lives and our behavior. I hope you find it interesting and helpful!

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