Mental Health Questions – Bipolar, OCD, ADHD and more

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Lots of great mental health questions! Here are the timestamps or chapters for the questions
0: 00 Start
2: 14 New TMS Protocol
3: 46 New Antipsychotic Meditation Caplyta
5: 01 New Sleep Medication Dayvigo
9: 01 What do you suggest for PTSD?
10: 48 Dealing with depression and anxiety after the loss of a loved one to COVID-19
13: 04 How to find the ideal sleeping medication for you
20: 26 How to help people with avoidant personality
22: 57 Can untreated psychosis lead to dementia?
26: 34 Can depression lead someone to hate their spouse?
30: 37 Is it possible to get rid of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder traits?
35: 27 Dealing with low motivation and low interest
41: 50 Can bipolar disorder be cured?
48: 50 Can Concerta improve academic performance?
53: 50 Managing Bipolar 2, OCD, and GAD
1: 06: 11 Why does my friend with bipolar 1 ignore me?
1: 13: 27 Dealing with health anxiety

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Avoidant personality
Can Mental Illness Be Cured?
Should Antidepressants Be Used In Bipolar Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
ADHD vs. Bipolar Disorder
Health Anxiety

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