How to Help Someone Who’s Lonely, Isolated, or Depressed

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Here’s how to help someone who”s lonely, isolated, or depressed during the coronavirus quarantine.

It’s important to do what we can to curb coronavirus symptoms. But the coronavirus quarantine still has mental health impacts.

Self isolation is difficult, so this video may help you and your loved ones during the coronavirus outbreak.

In this discussion, Dr. Varma and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson answer…
What can a loved one do to help someone who is lonely & isolated during the coronavirus pandemic?
What mental health help can people seek out – especially if they’re prone to depression or anxiety?
What are some tangible ways you can leverage “compassionate listening” to help someone who is having trouble during their self isolation / coronavirus quarantine?

And more.

Dr. Sue Varma is a world renowned psychiatrist who deeply understands the impacts loneliness has on mental health. Her advice is especially valuable during the corona virus pandemic.

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