How To Cope With Anxiety: My Tips! | Melanie Murphy

Better Brain, Better Game!

If you struggle with stress, anxiety and panic attacks here’s some relief/how to deal! Hope this helps 🙂
► Anxiety q&a: />► Anxiety video with ChildLine: />I also recommend Zoella’s anxiety videos for any of you who are just realising that you suffer from panic attacks now!

(and yep, I dyed my hair back dark because red is a pain in the arse haha!)

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► 7 tips covered in this video about how to cope with anxiety, stress and panic attacks:
-Get Moving
-Positive Self-talk
-Check Your Diet
-Get More Sleep
-Question your thoughts

Anxiety can be a super scary thing to go through and I hope by opening up about it, more of you might be able to identify what it is you’re feeling and I’d love if some of you would incorporate my tips to feel more calm! Love you my #faMely, thanks for watching and liking and commenting and supporting me always! x

► A great resource for those with anxiety: m

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