Ep. 5.3 HOW DOES ADHD AFFECT SOCIAL SKILLS? Under-reacting and Over-reacting to new circumstances.

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Picking up on the drama of the previous episode, we continue the series on how ADHD affects our social skills. As many of you know, social skills are more challenging for us than others who don’t have ADHD. And even within the ADHD population, there are some who are more impacted by this symptom than others.

I chose “Over/Under reacting” as the number-three of the most worrisome Social Skills because it is a theme that has popped up in my life enough that caused me to think there was something wrong with my personality. I’ve lost friends over this particular quirk and it’s led me down paths where I prioritized things that didn’t need immediate attention and catastrophized events that didn’t warrant the drama I gave to it.

Need to catch up on the videos about Social Skills? Find them here:
Ep. 5 “That Was Awkward” ADHD and Social Awkwardness” Q
Ep. 5.2 “Five (5) Tips to Fix Your Social Skills Ills” 8

Here are the Social Skills covered so far in Ep. 5.2
5. Blowing off or canceling plans on friends and other commitments.
4. Not paying attention to what is being said to you in conversations
3. (this episode) Under Reacting or Over Reacting (or “inappropriate” reactions to information or circumstances presented.

Check out this helpful article from Understood.org The information applies to adults and children.

As mentioned in this episode, learn here how raising your awareness can improve your social skills.
How does your awareness affect your social skills, your life skills even?
Find out here!
ADHD Insight: Third-Person Awareness

If you have not received an official ADHD diagnosis but want one, here is a self-assessment to help you on your journey. The assessment is provided by the Attention Deficit Disorder Association. NOTE: Just like all self-assessments on the internet, this will not give you an official medical diagnosis of ADHD. Self-diagnosis is the conversation starters between you and your healthcare provider when seeking a medical diagnosis.

ADHD Self-assessment

Your diagnosis must come from a healthcare professional from any of the following areas of practice (this is not an exhaustive list.)
Psychologist (will refer you to a psychiatrist for prescription meds if you choose to try them)
General Practitioner
Internist (that’s where I received my first prescriptions)
Any licensed Medical Doctor or health care professional who is knowledgeable about ADHD, current on treatment options, and ideally, has experience treating adult ADHD

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