Depression & Anxiety MasterClass: How to Cope with Serious Illness | Dr Ramani x MedCircle

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110 million people in the US are affected with one or more types of chronic illness. Even more receive the difficult diagnosis of a life altering medical illness such as cancer, muscular dystrophy (MD), cystic fibrosis, and many others.

Research shows that the the mental health effects of chronic conditions are often overlooked when medical care is considered.

It can be difficult to diagnose depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders when medical illness is involved — but determining the correct diagnosis and treatment are essential for overall health.

This medical illness x mental health masterclass focuses on how to work through the grief that results from this difficult, life altering situation. It also provides strategies on how to adjust to this new trying time, in a way that minimizes the negative health (and mental health) impacts on patients and their loved ones.

00: 00 Intro
00: 25 Mental health & difficult diagnosis 101
14: 21 How to cope right after a diagnosis
28: 58 Telling loved ones about a new diagnosis
41: 41 How to cope during the treatment process
54: 45 Support strategies for your loved one

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