Depression, Anxiety, ADHD treatment with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

How Does rTMS Work?
rTMS is a medical grade magnet that is used to balance the speed of abnormal operating nerves in the brain. The magnet sends a signal that can be varied to stimulate or slow down the nerves in the specific regions. For example:

rTMS FOR DEPRESSION: The normal pattern that scientists expect brains to work at is 15 – 20 pulses per second (pps) on the left front portion of the brain, also called the frontal lobe. Patients whose brains run below 15pps have symptoms that typically include depression.

rTMS FOR ANXIETY: Normally, the left side of the brain works at a higher frequency than the right side. When this pattern reverses, and the right brain works at a higher frequency, the individual often exhibits symptoms that doctors call anxiety. This right brain dominance may be due to the right brain working too fast, or the left brain not working fast enough, or both.

rTMS FOR OTHER CONDITIONS: We can also use rTMS to improve abnormal frequencies in the brain; either stimulating or quieting it, to treat a wide variety of conditions.

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