Causes of Depression

Risk Factors

[1] Genetics

One of the biggest risk factors genetics. If one or both parents suffer from this illness, the chances of the children inheriting the tendency are significant.

[2] Abuse During Childhood

Childhood abuse, either verbal, physical or sexual, raises the risk of depression as well as bi-polar disorder.

[3] Consuming Alcohol

Consuming alcohol presents another risk factor.

[4] Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is another risk factor. Smoking causes inflammation, which has been linked to depression.

[5] Inflammation

Inflammation is associated with an increased incidence of heart attack and depression. Many medicines and supplements that help fight heart disease also fight this illness, such as statins and fish oil pills.

[6] Long-Term Stress

End Child Anxiety

Being depressed can be caused by being under enormous stress. This is related to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which carries with it a lot of anxiety.

[7] Dire Circumstances

A person who is in an extremely difficult living situation may become depressed – unemployment, no place to live and nobody to confide in can make a person seriously depressed.

[8] A Chemical Glitch in the Body

Sometimes the chemicals in the body are such that this illness results.

This is similar to a person who has high blood pressure. The body simply has an illness, whether it be high blood pressure, diabetes or other illnesses.

About 10% of the population suffers from reoccurring de.pression, either chronic mild or severe.

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