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Anxiety therapy that works! We share anxiety help and advice and demonstrate our powerful anxiety treatment technique, ‘The Golden Thread Process’… 👉 Work one-to-one with David:

☯️ EPISODE # 20 of our ‘Life Lessons’ teaching series

In this series Taoist monk and therapist David James Lees and wellbeing coach Alexandra Lees answer questions about your life challenges and offer inspirational guidance and support to help you live in BALANCE, HARMONY and FLOW.


In this episode, we reveal our anxiety therapy technique and guide you through a live anxiety therapy session using ‘The Golden Thread Process’.

You’ll discover:

• How to step back and become the observer of your anxiety so you can calm your emotions.

• The hidden connection between your anxiety, your self-talk and your deeper core beliefs.

• How to reframe your anxiety triggers so they help rather than hinder you.

• How to uncover and fully resolve the root cause of your anxiety so you can deal with any challenging situations or people.

• Lots of practical self-help tips and techniques to effectively manage your anxiety.


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David James Lees and Alexandra Lees share their Wu Wei Wisdom on the real-life challenges faced by their clients and supporters in their videos. You can watch the videos in any order, depending on the topics you’d like to explore!

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