ADHD and Me: How did harmful narratives sustain my silent struggle? | Kate Luebkeman | TEDxQuestU

This talk addresses the common stigmas and prejudices surrounding ADHD and raises awareness for people living with the condition with the aim of generating more nuanced discussions. Kate Luebkeman is a fourth-year student at Quest studying the experiences of women who perform stand-up comedy. Outside of advocacy work and school, she loves to sing loudly in the shower, watch Late Night With Seth Myers and Brooklyn Nine Nine, dance to Lizzo and Ariana Grande, film Youtube videos that she will never post, and obsessively check her email. She is also addicted to changing her room as an external manifestation of her ever-buzzing brain, so she completes a dorm renovation once every two months. She was inspired to speak at TEDx about ADHD after receiving a late-in-life diagnosis this past summer that changed her life. She believes that if we talked about ADHD in a more nuanced and informed way, she could have received the help she needed years earlier. Kate hopes this talk can address common stigmas and prejudices, and raise awareness for the people with ADHD that are often left on the margins, struggling in silence to stay afloat. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at x

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