4 Symptoms of Anxiety In Children Explained⎮Part 1: Behavior Changes

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What are the behaviors children exhibit if they have Anxiety? Part 1 of this 4 part series explains what anxiety looks like in children and what parents can do to support their child with Anxiety. In What Anxiety Looks Like in Children Series, Erica discusses the Behavioral changes your child may experience when they are triggered by an anxious situation. Erica explains the differences in what anxiety looks like in children versus adults and how children communicate that they are feeling anxious. Check out Part 2 next week where Erica discusses avoidance and what it looks like in children with anxiety!

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Link to Toby, Toby, Worry Free! – J
A children’s book, written by Psychologist Lucinda Grapenthin, Ph.D., that explains to children what anxiety is and helps parents support their children to overcome their anxiety!

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