😨🚗HOW TO deal with DRIVING ANXIETY | Take baby steps

Driving anxiety, or vehophobia, can be so limiting. If you are going through driving anxiety treatment you may feel like you are stuck, and not getting any better.

How to deal with driving anxiety starts with understanding your fears. Followed by slow and steady actions towards your feared situations. So you drive in progressively difficult scenarios according to your individual fears.

During driving anxiety treatment it can sometimes feel like you are not improving.

If so, this motivational video is for you. Overcoming driving fear takes a lot of commitment but you can do it, just don’t give up!

Driving phobia is a very disruptive problem that can lead to family issues, loss of confidence, limited independence as well as the horrible symptoms of anxiety. So it is well worth the time and effort to push through those fears and keep going.

Here I explain how the three P’s will help you keep going as you are learning how to overcome driving anxiety. Patience, progression and practice.

Let me know if this video helps you.
❤ Clare
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