Adderall Use by Those Who Don’t Have ADHD

Welcome to The Mental Breakdown and Psychreg Podcast! Today, Dr. Berney and Dr. Marshall discuss risks for those who use Adderall, but do not have ADHD/ADD. Read the article from…

Chi Hoover “Adderall” Official Video

How to Stop Being Late : ADHD Time Management Tip and Contest

Learn a simple and effective ADHD Time Management strategy to improve punctuality and get places on time. Learn how to win a spot in the Adult ADD Time Management Intensive…

Reacting to ADHD Memes!

If you want to check out The Great Courses Plus, go to to start your free trial today. My team sent me ADHD related memes to react to. I’ve never…

What No One Tells You About ADHD #shorts

Wanna duet this video? Find me on Tiktok @hiddenadhd FREE RESOURCES ADHD Guides: NEW: 5 ADHD Motivation Mistakes You Must Avoid s NEW: ADHD 101 5-Day Program 1 AUDIENCE FAVORITE…

ADHD Nutrition & Realistic Eating Habits

How to get a Diagnosis To receive perks, join this channel n Please be aware that I am not a physician. #ADHD #Nutrition

Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Grit, Is It ADHD?

Do suspect you have ADHD, but you don’t know for sure because you have to wait months for your diagnosis? Angela, Eric’s guest, is still waiting for her diagnosis. Eric…

The Way To Get Your Anxiety Under Control thumbnail

The Way To Get Your Anxiety Under Control

Have you found it necessary to make a vital call, but are already too afraid to grab the phone? Perhaps you have wanted to accept steps to further improve your daily life, but been held back through your own anxiety? This article is here to assist. Continue reading to find tips that may help you

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